Cube Multicomunicação

Since 2003 in Poços de Caldas, CUBE has built a success story in partnership with customers and suppliers.

Cube Multicomunicação is a publicity and advertising agency betting on creativity, excellence and results. Offers more than ideas and concepts in art. Offer solutions and results to your business.

Under the direction of Douglas Miglioranzi Jr., has a team of competent professionals distributed in departments of treatment and media, financial and administrative, creation and art, web design and social media.

Cube is the ideal agency to attend your company, offering skilled labor and the best resources for success.

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Development of professional websites, with the latest technology.
Responsive design (open in tablets and cellphones with a practice mode).
Development in HTML5,CSS3, PHP, AJAX, JQuery and MySQL.
Differentiated and personalized creation to your business or event. Typology study and directed colors.
Did your company improve and your logo no? We can improve it without losing the original essence.
With own illustrator, Cube develops mascot or character to your company and specific comic books.
To weddings, birthdays, business ou personal, we develop faces or full body caricatures.

Specials drawings, developed to products packages or originals prototypes.
We create posts, feed and boost your fan page to get more followers and increase the visibility of your product or service.
We develop motivation campaigns, awareness and internal security , according to specifics demands.
Development of language corporate, customizing the signaling internal well as the layouts of facade.
We create the label to your packaging and also develop your packaging.

Business newsletters, of products or services.
Creation, final art and photo.
Visit card, envelopes and letterhead custom.
Photo specialized for value your product or service.
That you always wanted or never imagine!


Diretor de Criação & Produção
Douglas Miglioranzi Jr.

Douglas Miglioranzi Jr.

Designer, self-taught, plastic artist, experience of 28 years in the areas of artistic drawing and work in advertising agencies, caricaturist, graphic designer, pre-printing and photolithographic, sporty marketing, advanced curses of specialization in images, creation of logos, elaboration of packagings and character.

Gestora Financeira e Departamento Administrativo
Denise Coimbra

Denise Bolzan

Formed in high school, with complementary curses: strategic marketing, Human Resources and recruitment, management and development enterprise, finance management, finance and economy management. Have 17 years of experience in the branch being 12 in CUBE.

Atendimento e Vendas
Virginia de Castro Arantes

Virginia de Castro Arantes

Formada em Administração pela Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV) – MG.
Especialização em Desenvolvimento Gerencial pela Universidade de Toledo – PR.
Experiência de 8 anos em Marketing e Gerenciamento de Negócios.  

Web Designer
Juliano Henrique Diniz

Juliano Henrique Diniz

Formed in Information System in UniFeob. Have 5 years of experience to develop websites, intranet, and online management systems and 11 years of experience in commercial area.

Aroldo Ferreira Júnior

Aroldo Ferreira Júnior

Formed in Business Administration in PUC Minas University, with 29 years of experience in print media, plan of printing, pre-printing, photolithographic, copywriter/ proofreader, people management, graphic designer and art director. Two years of experience with CTP (computer-to-plate). He participated in several photo’s contests , being award in 1º position in national contest and chosen among 20 betters pictures to exposition in international contest.

Vanessa Maioqui Graças

Vanessa Maioqui Graças

Formed in Social Communication with empowerment in Publicity and Advertising in UNIFAE University. Thirteen years of experience in print media, plan of printing. Three years of experience with packaging design, graphic designer, photolithographic, CTP (computer-to-plate). Extras courses of Photoshop and CorelDraw.




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